Spencer Reed Binds Carsten Andersson on Bound Jocks

February 11, 2012
Spencer Reed has a good time tying up and playing with his new toy – Carsten Andersson on BOUND JOCKS. 

Like all of the videos of BOUND JOCKS, this one contains some hot hunks in jockstraps being tied up and used. Here we have super stud and uber dom – Spencer Reed. He loves to be in charge and have a boy tied up under his feet. He looks just as good in a jock as he does in full leather. He gets Carsten on the mat and starts with his fancy rope work, making sure the boy can’t escape his clutches. Spencer is very physical and passionate – loving to touch and kiss his scene partners. He really knows how to work his tongue, and Carsten gets to find that out on his own. Once he’s tied up, Spencer slides his tongue deep into the studs mouth. 

Spencer ties up Carsten in another position – binding his legs up from his ankles to his thighs – he’s really not going anywhere. That’s when the fun begins. Spencer pulls down his orange jock and his mighty python bounces up. He’s hard as a rock and knows just where to stick it – Carsten’s hungry mouth. Carsten gives Spencer a good cock sucking, worshipping it like it deserves to be. 

One of Spencer’s favorite things is playing with and eating a nice piece of ass, so he takes his dick out of Carsten’s mouth long enough to do so. He spreads the boys ass cheeks wide and gets it wet by spitting on it. He plays with the hole before diving tongue first into it. He really works his tongue – giving it long, full strokes for a good rim job. Spencer is an ass man. 

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