Connor Maguire and Rod Daily Fuck In Jocks

February 11, 2012
Connor Maguire and Rod Daily play soccer with their own balls on ROD DAILY’S site.

This is the kind of scene I want more of – guys fucking in jocks and socks! This is what I really wanted this blog to be about, but no one has been cooperative until now. Of course, it’s always hot to see a good looking stud in a jockstrap. His ass beautiful framed and pouch bulging; and that’s what I’ve brought you. Now, we get to see those hot asses get stuffed with cock! 

In this scene, Rod Daily and Connor Maguire are two soccer buds, hanging out in the locker room in their addidas shorts, socks, and tank tops. They are looking mighty good! They rub each others crotches with their socked feet and sniff each other’s toes. Connor pulls out Rod’s dick and jacks it off between his bipeds.

The two hot jocks can’t keep their boners contained anymore. Their dicks are unleashed for some cock sucking and a hot 69. Then Connor bends Rod in his red jock over so he can get a taste of that manhole. Rod’s ass looks so good. Connor decides to make it look even better by putting his cock in it. Rod doesn’t keep the jock on, but Connor does. He pulls the pouch to the side as he slams into Rod’s rump. Rod does keep the socks on though, as he rides Connor’s cock.

They decide to flip and Connor’s ass gets pounded with his jockstrap on! A beautiful sight, indeed! Rod really gives it to him good – his balls slapping against the bottom of the jock. 

Connor gets on his back and lays on the bench with his legs in the air for Rod to fuck him deep. The jocks come off, but the socks stay on for these soccer boys to remain that way. In the end, they bust their nuts onto the others feet. Check out the hot soccer boy action on ROD DAILY. I hear that code 50rd212 gets you half off until Sunday. 
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2 thoughts on “Connor Maguire and Rod Daily Fuck In Jocks”

  • What lovely pictures they are! Two muscle men 'doing it' in coloured knee high socks is an awesome thing to see. My favourite picture has to be the fourth one down. Although I like all of them, the fourth one is the best. Seeing pics of men in socks is such a heart racer and gives me a lot of butterflies in the stomach.
    Whoever tok these photos, well done!

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