Leo Rocca In His Jockstrap and Rugby Gear

January 24, 2012
Check out Leo Rocca in his Rugby kit and jockstrap on Bentley Race

Leo Rocca looks good in those rugby shorts and striped, knee-length socks, doesn’t he? He looks even better when he strips down to his jockstrap! This boy isn’t shy about showing off either! You can tell by the bulge in his shorts while he’s being filmed. He loved all the attention. Once he gets his shorts off, you’ll notice his sexy, fuzzy butt. You’ll also notice his fat cock! Watch him hump the football! After stripping off everything but his socks, Leo plays with a fleshjack for a bit before Ben whips out his cock and has Leo chow down on it. Leo ends up blowing a load all over his hairy stomach. I can’t wait to see more of Leo in action on Bentley Race! What do you think of him?

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