Marc Dylan, Football Stud – Bound Jocks

November 13, 2011
Marc Dylan, the sexy porn newcomer, has been doing a lot of work lately. This week, he’s at Bound Jocks and gets tied up wearing some hot football gear. Those shiny tight pants, blue knee-length socks, bulky shoulder pads, and the ever important helmet. He’s tied up by rope master, Knotty Brent, then he abuses the helpless jock. Brent shoves his cock through the helmet and forces Marc to suck it. Brent barely loosens him up enough to cum at the end while they both stroke their hot cocks. This scene is totally hot. I love a man in football gear. It’s definitely my fantasy of tying up that hot quarterback you lusted after in school, tying him down, and having your way with him. Yum!

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